Jean H.M. Wagemans
University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Title: Are metaphorical arguments always based on the concept of analogy?


John Barnden
Professor Emeritus
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, England
Title: Ramifications concerning argumentation of a pretence-based approach to metaphor 

Gerard Steen
University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Title: Metaphor and argumentation in discourse- a genre approach


Bipin Indurkhya
Institute of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University
Kraków, Poland
Title:  On the role of visual metaphors in argumentation
(with Amitash Ojha, University of Cagliari, Italy)


Francesco Bianchini
Senior Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy and communication studies
University of Bologna, Italy
Title: Reasoning by analogy, Learning by analogy- Where is the boundary?

Pablo Cobreros
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Navarra, Spain
Title: Logic and Paradoxes. Massive Online Open Course (joint work with María Iserte)


Chris Fermueller
Theory and Logic Group 
Faculty of Informatics
Technische Universität Wien
Title: A logical perspective on argumentation

Tim Van Gelder
Melbourne Enterprise Fellow
The SWARM Project
School of BioSciences
University of Melbourne
Title:  Can we achieve super-reasoning? Building large collaborative argumentation systems

image1.JPGAlberto Mura
Department of History, Humanistic and Education Sciences,
University of Sassari, Italy
Title: A Bayesian Analysis of Petitio Principii in Dialectical Contexts



Giuseppe Primiero
Senior Lecturer
Department of Computer Science,
Middlesex University, London
Title:Handling Mobility Failures by Modal Types


Alessandra Melas
Associate Lecturer
Department of History, Humanistic and Education Sciences
University of Sassari, Italy
Title: The Logic of Argumentation for Supporting Objective Coincidences- the case of Cournot_s hasard


s200_nicola.angiusNicola Angius
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of History, Humanistic and Education Sciences
University of Sassari, Italy
Title: From simulative programs as theories to theories of simulative programs